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We created Andragogy because...

...we found it was impossible to invest in team's skills and competence and at the same time be confident that any investment would make a long-term difference to business performance. The learning and development industry today requires companies to invest in training without providing any way of ensuring that the knowledge they deliver will be retained and continually updated. 

We benchmark against industry accredited standards (The Digital Marketing Institute) to understand competence levels and identify skills gaps. We then coach each individual through a blended learning experience to take them to an expert level and keep them there. 

The Andragogy platform will embed learning and establish if vital knowledge is being retained to inform individuals' on-going learning experiences. 

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Meet the team

Our team have a combined 60 years agency and digital marketing experience. 


Paul Monteath


Sarah Curds


Olly Guest


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Phil Gripton
Non-Exec Director & Board Adviser

How we work and the problems we solve

We take your teams through four stages of learning to deliver improved business performance: Assess, Develop, Maintain and Measure.

Our approach to continuous learning encourages self-directed learning while constantly testing and embedding digital marketing knowledge to resolve the common business problems highlighted by independent studies (conducted by Deloitte, Rakuten, the Digital Marketing Institute and Capgemini in 2017) below.

People and learning culture

47% of digital marketers will actively seek brands that offer digital skill development* and 45% are willing to stay in an organisation if they feel their skills are being developed*.

Performance and lost opportunity

78% of brands are aiming to grow in a market where lack of skills are hampering performance but only 53% of brands have a focus on improving the inefficiencies* this can cause.

the DIGITAL skills gap

The skills gap is widening for one in two businesses* and training budgets are decreasing, despite evidence that tailored learning programs can increase revenue per employee by up to 218%. 

The cost of waste and errors

Marketers perceive their knowledge to be 27% higher than it actually is*, without support this leads to human error or wastage of marketing budget on the wrong channels or strategies.

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