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What's your Digital IQ?

Benchmark and assess your digital marketing and data analytics knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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How Digital IQ Works

Our Digital IQ Assessment delivers valuable insights that help you improve business performance and inform how you support and invest in your people more effectively.

+ Understand your goals

We’ll determine the skills, structure and talent needed to meet your goals for the future by looking at your structure, culture and most importantly your talent pool. This gives us the context needed to properly evaluate your people’s skills.

+ Find your strengths and skills gaps

Using Digital IQ, our intelligent online assessment tool, we’ll benchmark specific digital skills, knowledge and behaviours within your workforce against a set of recognised industry standards including the Institute of Apprenticeships’ Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard and the Digital Marketing Institute’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

+ build your skills profile

Our panel of digital specialists use the data from our consultations and the skills assessment to identify each person’s strengths and any gaps or areas for improvement. You’ll receive Skills Profiles with actionable recommendations for each individual person, team and business unit that you can use to inform, support and invest in your people more effectively.

Who is it for? Brands and agencies looking to improve marketing or analytics.

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To improve performance you first need to gauge the Digital IQ of your teams. We benchmark each person’s digital marketing and/or data analytics skills, knowledge and behaviours within your workforce against a set of recognised industry standards.


It’s a challenge for brands and agencies to ensure you have the skills and talent you need to succeed. The Digital IQ Assessment delivers valuable insights that inform how you support and invest in your marketing people and analysts more effectively.


Transparency of levels of knowledge and abilities is key to protecting agency rate cards and justifying performance or pay review decisions. Get the data and insight you need to make informed decisions for your people and your business.


A Guide to your Digital IQ

Andragogy Digital IQ Assessment Guide

Andragogy Digital IQ Assessment Guide

We have created a short guide giving you some of the detail behind our unique approach to measuring your digital marketing and analytics competency, using a blend of intelligent tools and real digital experts to analyse your skills gaps and hand write custom profiles.

Download and use it to:

  • Understand why you and your team need Digital IQ

  • Share it with your team and get them excited about the future

  • Build a case for investing in your or your team’s digital skills

  • Have something interesting to read with your coffee

  • Share on LinkedIn to look awesome!


“Andragogy gives us an advantage over our competitors by allowing us to provide our clients with transparency over training and levels of knowledge of the staff they work with.”

- Richard Falconer, MD of Yard.

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Does your team need Digital IQ?

Not sure if you need a clear view of the skills you have and those you don’t.

Calculate the cost of potential budget waste based on your digital marketing campaign spend due to skills gaps.

Then you decide!


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