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Sarah Curds

Your skills profile - 11 May 2019

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This report provides you with a summary of your results from both the discovery survey and Digital IQ skills profile questions you completed. The results are a snapshot of your existing skills. We will use this profile to develop a data-driven digital marketing program specifically for you.


Your skills profile


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Your sound foundation of digital marketing knowledge is enhanced by your excellent understanding of content marketing and SEO. This is a great base from which to grow within your role as a content marketer.


Your skills profile has identified an opportunity to grow your paid marketing technical knowledge and competence. Your desire to grow your understanding of advertising channels will aid your ability to choose the best content distribution methods for your clients.

Honing your analytical and strategic skills will help you to better support your clients.

Your learning preferences

Existing skills you'd like to develop

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New skills you'd like to learn

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early riser - you’re at your learning peak in the morning

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01. An excellent owned media understanding

Your knowledge of customer-first marketing supports your understanding of content marketing, digital foundations and CRO.

It has also aided understanding of complementary channels like email where there is crossover in areas such as audience segmentation and the buyer’s journey.

02. Build on a strong Foundation to reach Expert level

Develop a strong base understanding of all paid and earned marketing channels to become a holistic digital expert.

This will provide context to the work you do for clients; help you identify new opportunities for clients & business; and allow you to develop skills for use in the future.

03. Grow your competence in Specialist subjects

Focus on paid marketing to grow as a topic authority. Develop your skills in PPC & Paid Social Media to aid your aspiration of growing into a content & search expert.

In addition, building upon your analytical skills will help you make more effective strategic recommendations on your clients campaigns.